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White powder, needle like or granular crystal, with a fruit like sweet aroma, soluble in hot water. 1g this product is soluble in about 55ml water, 10ml ethanol (95%), 17ml propylene glycol, 5ml chloroform.
Dissolve at 90 centigrade. In case of ferric chloride, it is purplish red. In production, the solution is often used according to the solubility.
Flavor: has very strong alcohol caramel flavor, for all kinds of sweet and delicious flavor of the original food has a very strong synergistic effect. Suitable for meat products, meat products, canned food, condiment, candy, biscuits, bread, chocolate and cocoa products, Cereals, fruits, areca products and various feed etc.. In particular, add a variety of meat products, meat and amino acids can play a role in significantly improve meat flavor.
Molecular weight: 140.14
Molecular formula: C7H8O3
Structural formula:
CAS NO.:4940—11—8
FAME NO.:3487

Quality standard:
The implementation of the People's Republic of China standards: national standard GB1886.208-2016.

Index name


Color and lustre


Organizational state

Crystalline powder


Caramel aroma, diluted with a fruit like aroma

(in C7H8O3) mass fraction /% (%),%


Melting point /℃


Water content/(%)



Purpose: ethylmaltol is an effective repellent multifunctional flavor, sweeteners and bad smells like bitter and astringent taste and smell, improve the taste and can prolong the shelf life of foods. It is widely used in the preparation of a variety of spices or diluted for food, beverages, tobacco, meat, canned food, meat products, feed, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Its dosage is little, the effect is remarkable.
Range of use:
This product is an efficient and multi-functional food additive, with less consumption and remarkable effect. Has the flavor, sweet, bitter, or removing stench and flavoring effect.
Please follow the GB2760 standards for use of food additives, according to the production needs appropriate use.
Usage method:
The ethyl maltol is dissolved in hot water or organic solvent, which is matched with the storage liquid of 5% times, and then added at the concentration of the formula, and the latter is added at the later stage.
Packing specification: 1KG/ bag 25KG/ barrel
Storage requirements:
Stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse, keep away from high temperature and avoid contact with iron products during storage and transportation.
Shelf life: two years


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